Injection molding, stamping, and thermoforming are important process equipment for the production of a variety of industrial products and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We can according to their different attributes to select the corresponding processing methods.

The benefits injection molding instead of stamping and vacuum thermoforming

The stamping process has been mature, but it also provides the convenience of the same time there are inevitable shortcomings:
1 Stamping processing multi-use mechanical presses, running fast, manual strength when the larger;
2 Stamping die used in the mold is generally more complex. Long manufacturing cycle, high cost;
3 Stamping processing must have the appropriate mold, and the manufacturing cycle is long, high cost, so the most suitable for large batch production, for single, small batch production subject to certain restrictions.

4 Stamping processing noise is too large While contrast blister.

Our daily exposure to the blister, compared to the stamping and injection mold cost is low, suitable for small batch production. But the rigidity is not enough, easy to shrink, easy to mold after aging, brittle, easy to deform. The mold size parameter is not easy to grasp, product size accuracy is worse than the injection.

With the rapid development of industry, plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and automotive, and other industrial sectors. Have exceeded the stamping and die casting. The plastic industry in the past 20 years develops very fast, as early as 7 years ago. The annual output of plastic by volume calculation has exceeded the sum of steel and non-ferrous metal production. There are many ways to form plastic products, but the most important method is injection molding. The world’s plastic molding Die production is about more than half of the injection mold. This is because the injection relative to the stamping, blister, etc. has obvious advantages!

The advantages of the plastic injection molding method are:

1, The production speed, the operation can be automated
2, High production efficiency, two sets of molds can contain dozens or even hundreds of cavities. So a molding that Can form dozens or even hundreds of plastic parts.
3, Color varieties, the shape can be from simple to complex, the size can be large to small. And the product size is accurate, easy to replace the product, can form a complex product.
4, Injection molding for mass production. And the shape of complex products such as molding processing.
5, Injection parts can be used only a small amount of dressing.

The waste generated during the molding process can be reused.
Therefore, the injection of raw materials when the waste is very little. Above all of these is injection molding characteristics.

By contrast, injection molding has a clear advantage

This also determines the future development trend of injection mold industry. As an industry-leading, ISO 9001: 2015-certified manufacturer. The CNMOULDING  is proud to offer large-volume injection molding services for a wide range of industries.