At present, the injection mould in the mould industry accounted for about 30% of the import and export proportion up to 50 to 70%. In recent years, China’s rapid development of injection mould. With the growing use of plastic products for plastic moulds to provide a very broad market. So that the overall trend of the mold market steady upward.

It is expected that in the future mould market. The development of plastic moulds will be higher than other kinds molds in the mould industry will gradually increase the proportion.

Another way to understand the meaning of the article is that the benefits injection molding will instead of other processing methods .

And which plastic mould processing technology generally presents the following trends:

1, Precision mould making manufacturer is an inevitable trend

The mould precision will be higher and higher. 10 years ago, the precision molds are generally 5 microns, has now reached 2-3 microns, 1 micron precision injection moulds will also be listed. At the same time, so-called precision mould making is the mould development process and manufacturing results in terms of concrete manifestations. Stamping process and mould structure design rationalization, high precision molds, mould products, high reliability. And technical management Tightness. Precision mould manufacturing is not a single technology. But also the designing, processing, and management of a comprehensive reflection of technology. To realize precision mould manufacturing, in addition, to rely on technical excellence, it will also be strict management to ensure.

2, Scientific management and information technology is the injection mould enterprise development direction

Another important aspect of injection mould technology development is scientific management and information technology. China injection mould making companies use scientific management continue to just-in-time manufacturing and lean production direction, enterprise management more accurate. A substantial increase in productivity, ineffective institutions, links, and personnel streamlined.

3, Mould (Mold) is becoming larger and larger

Injection mould forming parts size and high productivity parts are increasing, requiring a multi-cavity, resulting in increasing the mold size, large mould tonnage up to 100 tons. A few hundreds of cavities, several thousand cavities, require mold processing equipment Table. Increase the y-axis z-axis travel, large load-bearing, high strength, high consistency. The fine processing of the mold makes the processing equipment more complex and more interesting. High-speed milling with the processing of high hardness materials, processing a smooth, cutting force is small. The workpiece temperature, deformation, and many other mold enterprise’s advantages to paying more attention to high-speed processing.

4, Multi-functional composite mold will be further developed.

Mould processing die steel material hardness is high, requires mould processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability. For the complex cavity and multi-functional composite mould, with the workpiece complexity shape, we must improve the mold design and manufacturing level, a variety of trenches, a variety of materials in a set of moulds or assembled into multi-functional composite components Mould, requires a large number of processing program, with a high hole integrated cutting capacity and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.

5. High dynamic accuracy.

Mould machine has a static performance in the mould three-dimensional surface processing, can not reflect the actual processing situation. The high precision machining of the three-dimensional surface of the mould is proposed. The high precision is also realized in the high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability, and high quality machine control system

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