Plastic thermoforming

China Thermoforming / Vacuum Form

China Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming)

Thermoforming is a generic term that encompasses a variety of methods for producing three-dimensional parts from flat sheets of film. Yup origami for engineers With the knowledge of thin high performance films, combined with thermoforming expertise the results are impressive. Different configurations are possible to create complex shapes including the option of joiningthermoformed parts via heat sealing.

Thermoformed Solutions

Releaseability – mold liners

Chemical Inertness – pump diaphragms and diaphragm liners provide corrosion resistance

Dry Lubrication – peristaltic pump rollers

Dielectric Properties – implantable medical device capacitor insulation

Temperature Resistance – labware including sampling apparatus covers, containers, and petri dishes

Plastic Thermoforming has some unique advantages over other methods of processing

– Low tooling costs

– Prototype speed

– Parts with very small thickness to area ratios can be fabricated.

We specializes in the traditional thermoforming techniques of drape forming and vacuum forming. When we combine or thermoforming expertise with our knowledge of thin high performance films, the results are impressive.

FILM THICKNESS: (Before forming) from .003″ to .125″

MACHINE CAPACITY: 18″ x 18″ sheet

MOLDS & TOOLING: engineered with customer and built by RTD Technologies (A leader in custom thermoforming tooling) to insure maximum Quality Control in prototype and production stages. Give us a finished part drawing and we will do the rest.

ENGINEERING: our technical service team will guide you through all phases of design to insure the proper product selection for each end use. We are capable of working in most common CAD drawing formats.

ALL INQUIRIES for prototypes and production quantities welcome. In the event that thermoforming is not the most desirable technique for solving your problem, unique processes and/or equipment can be fabricated to produce the product required.

CLIENT CONFIDENCE is maintained at the highest level for all customers operating in proprietary or competitive industries.

TRACEABILITY for medical or other critical end uses is available upon request at no extra expense. SUPPORT: Mold Design Mold Fabrication Development Service Prototype & Production quantiti

Plastic thermoforming materials selection in China

PC / ABS and high impact strength requirements of UL

HPDE for low temperature and low-cost applications

PVC / acrylic acid as deep drawing applications

Acrylic need for transparent or translucent portion of the application

ABS / PVC alloy is easily formed

Plastic thermoforming mold production technology

Unlike the required plastic molding core and cavity mold, using a custom thermoforming positive (core) and negative (cavity) of the mold, and then heat-shaping element can be controlled from a single thermoformable sheet. Further, since the sheet is stretched into its final shape and thickness of the part changes based on the geometry of the part. Parts draft angle and corner radius will be different from the thickness and size of the product consistency

The entire mold design and production process must be considered are:

stretch and stretch ratio

process fault tolerance

material selection

undercut and back ventilation

Requirements government and security agencies

Please contact china thermoforming companies for tooling and plastic thermoforming request more in-depth discussion.