Precision injection molding characteristics
Precision injection molding characteristics

Precision injection molding characteristics

     The Precision injection molding is generally referred to as the precision of forming parts and surface quality is demanding high technology, some people think that precision injection is the size of plastic parts to achieve the accuracy of 0.01 ~ 0.001 mm injection molding process. In recent years, with the electronic, medical, communications, automotive, and other industries. With the rapid development of people’s plastic products, high precision, high-performance requirements. The traditional plastic molding process has been difficult to meet the current high standards. Is one of the most important plastics molding methods. Therefore, precision injection molding technology more and more people’s attention. Making precision injection molding technology continues to progress, new technology continues to emerge. Factors that affect precision injection molding require high dimensional accuracy, low warpage, excellent transfer characteristics, and excellent optical properties.

Therefore, it is on the injection molding machine, injection mold, molding process, raw material properties. And formulations have special requirements, affecting the many factors of precision injection molding. According to the current actual production point of view, the impact of precision injection molding factors are the following aspects:

  1. Plastic shrinkage design of precision plastic products, plastic shrinkage should be considered.
  2. The shape and size of the product The shape and size of the plastic parts have a great impact on the accuracy of the parts, the production practice shows that the more complex the shape of the product and the larger the size, the lower the accuracy
  3. Mold structure The accuracy of plastic parts and mold cavity number and production volume are closely related. It is also shown that the accuracy of the single-cavity mold structure is higher than that of the multi-cavity mold, and the accuracy of small-mass production is higher than that of large quantities.

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