Plastic Auto Pipe Fastener Suppliers and Manufacturers

Plastic Auto Pipe Fastener Suppliers
Plastic Auto Pipe Fastener Suppliers

Auto Pipe Fastener Suppliers and Manufacturers Automotive pipe fasteners (overmolding)-BMW Volkswagen Ford

Features:Flexible clamps, suitable for medium pressure applications, corresponding to different nominal diameters with different calibration pressure. After connecting the pipe with a flexible clamp, allow the pipe to have a partial axial displacement and a corner so that the piping system is flexible.


Plastic Fasteners Are Ubiquity

Introduction to plastic fasteners

Plastic fasteners for the beginning of the installation of fastening fasteners used in connection, a wide range of uses, in the car constitute the four plates are large-scale use. The main types are divided into body fasteners, interior fasteners, chassis and engine fasteners, and electrical fasteners. Including body fasteners mainly for all types of nuts and blocking pieces, interior fasteners mainly for all types of Standard plastic parts, chassis engine to all types of pipe clamp-based. The electrical part of the wiring harness fastening belt and line guard-based.

Automotive Part

Plastic Injection Molding in China

China Mould/China Plastic Mould/Tooling Maker, China cnmoulding Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is a private Plastic mould making & moulding factory with production capability.

CNMOULDING is a leading supplier and manufacturer of plastic injection molded products, specializing in the automotive and general industry area. Manufacture. We are certified ISO9001-2015 certificate. We have a professional engineer team to assist our customers to develop their products and tools, with over 100 engineers with more than 10 years of experience. Now we are the leading supplier of plastic injection mold in Shanghai China.