Custom insert molding

Insert Molding (or insert moulding) in China is similar to multi-shot molding in that it results in the combination of two or more resins into a single product. Each resin is molded separately in an individual mold. And is transferred either by a robot or manually to subsequent molding operations for the additional resins. Insert molding is better suited for lower volume applications than multi-shot molding due to lower capital investment requirements. Typical applications include ‘soft-touch’ materials molded onto an enclosure (drill housing or handle) or multiple colors/materials molded together for aesthetic or functional purposes. we have broad experience in the development and manufacture of overmold products.

OEM Assembly & paint plastic+stamping metal part

OEM Assembly & paint plastic+stamping metal part

China plastic Inejction Molding

Custom plastic injection molded parts are manufactured in China. We produce custom plastic injection molding parts, we also manufacture the tooling for these operations as well and are able to provide connector molding for many of our clients. This allows us to provide very competitive pricing on plastic parts manufactured in China for distribution anywhere in the world.

Overmolding company service in china

In China, overmolding service is one kind of customer plastic injection molding type

Overmolding is a kind of special and universal precision plastic injection molding process. A kind of soft material is formed on another kind of hard material. Why this process is special because if you can not choose the right material, it is difficult to combine the two materials in chemical and Mechanical.

The benefits injection molding instead of stamping and vacuum thermoforming

Injection molding, stamping, and thermoforming are important process equipment for the production of a variety of industrial products and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We can according to their different attributes to select the corresponding processing methods.