Plastic Injection Molding in China

China Mould/China Plastic Mould/Tooling Maker, China CNMOULDING Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is a private Plastic mould making & moulding factory with production capability.

CNMOULDING is a leading supplier and manufacturer of plastic injection molded products, specializing in the automotive and general industry areas. Manufacture. We are certified ISO9001-2015 certificate. We have a professional engineer team to assist our customers to develop their products and tools, with over 100 engineers with more than 10 years of experience. Now we are the leading supplier of plastic injection mold in Shanghai China.

automotive service includes:
Car lights

Car fasteners

Car pipe joint

  Car interior parts

automotive plastic parts
automotive plastic parts

Auto mold includes stamping Dies, plastic molds, Die casting mold.Among them, injection molds and die-casting molds account for 70% , automobile mold having a size with a complex process, and high technical standards, technology-intensive products. Automotive pipe joint and sensors is an important automotive body production technology. And equipment, the design, and manufacture of the automotive development cycle time of approximately two-thirds. It is a major constraint to change car type. Automobile production in more than 90% of the parts you want to rely on the molding.

We can provide accurate plastic mould design, high precision moulds making, and quality plastic injection in a series of production services to customers by using our advanced facilities and CAD software. We can design to your need either by following any format of CAD files from you, or we can produce on our own referring to your plastic samples. Professional comments will be also given to you to ensure product reliability and quality.