Injection mold cooling
Injection mold cooling

Design and cooling system

The plastic injection mold cavity is cooled by a cooling channel on a fixed form. The injection mold core is provided with cooling water holes inside, which are separated by a water separator in the middle. The cooling water enters by the cooling water holes on the supporting plate. And rises up to the upper part of the core along one side of the water separator plate, turns over the water separator, and flows to the other side. And then flows back to the cooling water holes on the support plate. The second core is then cooled and the injection mold is finally discharged from the cooling water hole on the support plate.

The cooling system use value

The cooling system of plastic injection mold directly influences the production efficiency and quality of plastic parts. Cooling effect of the cooling system determines the cooling time. While the cooling time of plastic injection mold takes up about 2/3 of the entire injection mold cycle. A complete cooling system can significantly reduce the cooling time, thus improving the efficiency of injection mold production.

Cooling system layout

The deformation and internal residual thermal stress of the plastic parts are often caused by uneven cooling. By using CAE technology, the economic cooling time, reasonable size, and arrangement of injection mold cooling pipe can be obtained. So that the plastic parts can be cooled as uniformly as possible. And the cooling system for plastic injection molds is designed to maintain proper and efficient cooling of molds. The cooling hole should be of standard size for easy processing and assembly. When designing the cooling system, the mold designer must determine the following design parameters according to the meat thickness and volume of the plastic part. The position and size of the cooling channel, the length of the channel. The type of channel, the configuration, and the connection of the channel. And the flow rate and heat transfer properties of the coolant.

Actual Combat Mold Maker

A lot of our injection experience is in medicine machines, so stretch-proof is visible and to be avoided. We formed a medical mechanical shell and internal structure. So we have high antioxidant materials, with high precision parts. We measured part deformation with a 3d coordinate measuring instrument. We have also increased the forming time of mould, mixed with injection molding additives.

Typically we set the injection mold temperature near the critical point of the plastic. After the mold cooling time is long enough, and then pull the part out of slow cooling air.
Naturally, these were high quality and accurate. My key is to let the resin into the injection mold quickly, slow cooling down all parts of the critical point. And then slowly cooled to room temperature. Of course, there is a way to inject the injection mold preheating. And then cooled slowly and uniformly to accelerate this will be an asset.

Air Cooling use in Injection Mold

In recent years, our company try other ideas

Through the air cooling switch settings, although able to solve the problem, but because only injected a large amount of high-pressure air into the storage tank in order to get good results, the development cost is too high, is not a good way.

We did not give up, professional engineers began a new attempt respectively we use customers are widely used in medical products in the ABS and NYLON material into the warm water for 20 minutes, 0 degrees after immersion in cold water, so that through the solution temperature so as to keep the temperature at 70’C.

The critical temperature we set for the best cooling index. Put into the 100 products of each batch of a tank for cooling, completely solve the heat caused by the shrinkage and warpage. Even if it contains talcum powder, glass fiber is also applicable in this way.

Through a 100 mm diameter cylindrical shell, the medical project length of 1 meter, efforts to control temperature changes of each process.

Whether it is injected into the mold cavity from the material or product in ice water cooling time. We always grasp the critical point for 70 degrees of success is not only a result, and the profit is guaranteed. Any questions about technology products, according to the product, mold manufacturing, injection molding to find solutions.