China mold maker
China mold maker

Cn-moulding is a quality mold maker in China

Different from other companies or foreign mold makers. We have 30 years of real export mold making experience, and in our mold workshop for you to strive for first-class mold quality. We know it’s hard to find a cheap good mold maker in China, but stop searching, and purchasing is not as difficult as you think in Cnmoulding. Just contact the sales manager of the company to ask you a question. Of course, there is a lot of competition in China. There may be 25000 Chinese mold makers in this market. But our mold makers have some outstanding experience and truly innovative thinking. We tell you the secret of the industry: professional mold makers can’t make all kinds of molds. They’re just good at one type of mold.

All kinds of molds are produced in China


As a mold maker in china we are able to design and manufacture molds and products to our customer’s specifications, produce new molds from their CAD files, or reverse engineer plastic parts. We have many different 3D design software platforms to adapt to our customers’ systems. The ability to reverse engineer existing molds and molded parts allows us to build new and improved custom tooling for our customers.

No matter what your product looks like, or how much you need to make your parts or components: we can make small and medium-sized molds, even large ones or molds, for complex parts with many sliders, and two parts. Mould and family mould. If you need an aluminum prototype mold for the short term we are also your supplier, with mud molding and aluminum inserts, we are ready for cheap short injection molding.


General Rules:

These ratios are estimates only. The pricing can vary greatly with cavitation and the complexity of the parts and second operations. Second Operations can involve anything from cleaning parts, overmolding, painting, drilling holes, pad printing, screen printing, partial sub-assemblies, etc. Please mail or call us to get a specific quote on your part.

Freight – The larger the parts become, the more of a factor freight from China becomes. Therefore, if parts can not be “nested” well medium and larger parts become much more expensive in China.

Volume – In general, we can run any pieces per run per shipment. For less expensive parts, the volume requirement may be much higher.

Lead Time – Production lead-time is about 3-5 weeks for our production, but for freight, you must add on 4-6 weeks. Buying container loads will greatly reduce your freight costs.

Injection Molds Sourcing

China mold maker
China mold maker

Quality mold makers are able to complete your task of purchasing parts other than injection parts: usually for every project. You need to buy parts made from injection molds. In addition, you buy components from all over the world or from other non-mold makers in cities in China. The inconvenient management makes the quality of this task difficult to guarantee, specifically referring to the quality of various parts after assembly. And we are not only a standard China mold maker. We offer more procurement services and purchase services than the traditional “Mold makers in China”, and you can find our true injection Mold maker on the Google home page or on purchasing websites such as “Made in China”. Assist you to buy non-plastic parts, such as electronic parts, printing, plastic packaging, etc. This is a free service. You can find injection mold makers in Zhejiang or Shanghai.

CNMOULDING is a China mold maker, I. e., a mold maker in China, used in thermoplastic plastics in medical, automotive, and other industries. If you want to find a mold maker on GOOGLE in a particular city. You can also enter the “mold maker “, but be careful not to encounter a liar. In short, our company is a good Chinese mold maker, when you need to buy injection molds in China, we will save you money and trouble. We have a special article on how to identify true and false injection molding companies on GOOGLE.