Mould Tooling exhibition in China
Mould Tooling exhibition in China

Mould Tooling exhibition in China

Molds are the mother of industry. Most products are produced by molds now. Only by using molds we can achieve mass production, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Modern has been a high-speed industrialized world, there is no way out of the mold. Mould is one of the most important cornerstones in the industrial world, and it is an industry that cannot be eliminated. Especially China, as a large country in mould manufacturing, has been providing high quality and high technology quality mould for various industries around the world.

It is an era of rapid industrialization in China. As one of the representatives of the industry, the national and industrial mould association holds mould and manufacturing technology exhibitions every year. The following is a famous mould exhibition in China.

You are welcome to participate and visit it.

    China international mould technology and equipment exhibition

China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment exhibition mode (DMC) was founded in 1986, by the China mould industry association and Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., jointly hosted, so far has more than 30 years of history, as members of the international exhibition union (UFI), more than 30 years of China international exhibition wide recognized professional and authoritative in both at home and abroad, has become a high reputation of professional international exhibitions. In the just-concluded DMC2018, 1025 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions, including Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Korea, Italy, and France, gathered together to exhibit and 96,481 visitors from 40 countries and regions attended the exhibition, sharing cutting-edge high-end manufacturing technologies and sharing Chinese manufacturing in the world market.

Exhibition area:

Gold cutting precision and special processing machines, tools Mold and molding technology, materials and mold parts, mold parts Stamping equipment and plastic machinery Internet +CAD/CAM/CAE integration and information management technology Automatic integration technology and devices, robots 3D additive manufacturing technology and laser special processing technology

China (Wuhan) international automobile mould and manufacturing technology exhibition

The 9th China international automobile mould and manufacturing technology exhibition (AMET2018) will be held in Wuhan international expo center from November 16 to 18, 2018. The MET has attracted 500 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions, more than 35 of the world’s top 500 enterprises, and over 50,000 professional visitors. At present, it has established long-term cooperative relations with 21 national embassies and business associations.

This exhibition will change the traditional way of exhibition, various well-known enterprises of various projects to attract industry technical products with the lowest price of the entire annual exhibition, trade, and will host the team the advantage of the exhibitor’s information to spare no effort to contact the embassy, capital, industry associations, scientific research institutions of foreign convey to the vehicle, parts, and components manufacturers and related research and development institutions, experts and scholars, industry pundits, to auto mould manufacturing field of online communication, offline trade industry event.

Involved industry:

Automobile molds and molds: molds for automobile plastic parts, stamping molds for automobiles, tire molds, forging molds, die-casting molds, progressive molds, mold standard parts, mold parts, hardware parts, etc. Mould and material processing equipment for automobile interior and exterior decorative parts;

Mould steel materials and metallurgical products: plastic mould steel, cold mould steel, hot mould steel, die casting mould steel, stamping die steel, powder metallurgical mould steel, cast iron materials;

Automobile mould manufacturing equipment: processing center, CNC milling, boring, car, drilling, grinding and other automobile mould processing machine tools, dual worktable CNC machine tools, automatic processing photoelectric control system, cutting tools and other products, automobile mould electro-processing machine tools, engraving machine;

Coordinate measuring machine, workpiece on-line measuring system and another measuring equipment; Die casting machine, automobile die pressure machine, and die testing equipment;

Heat flow channel and other treatment systems: injection molding machine, nozzle, temperature control box

Digital mould technology: 3D technology, rapid prototyping technology; Manufacturability design (DFM) technology, mould surface design assistant technology, intelligent surface design technology, stamping forming simulation technology (CAE), simulation stamping forming technology, CAPP, CAM, and CAT technology; Automation manufacturing technology Auxiliary materials and auxiliary equipment for the production of automobile molds:

Polishing, grinding, stamping, assembly fixtures, etc. Accessories, auxiliary materials, lubricants, and other related products used for various machine tools; Roll surfacing repair, pipe die overall surfacing repair, forging die surfacing repair, various

automobile mold repair technologies and equipment; Advanced information management tools: enterprise resource management system (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM).

Guangzhou international mould exhibition

1. Asiamold has entered the 13th anniversary. With 13 years of customer accumulation and a good reputation in the industry, it continues to be the leading mould trading platform in Asia.

2. The cooperation exhibition includes the Intermold Japan exhibition and formnext Frankfurt international precision forming and 3D printing manufacturing exhibition. Through resource sharing, it attracts more first-class domestic and overseas exhibitors and buyers.

3. A group of professional buyers composed of world-renowned brands will form a strong purchasing demand to help you expand the global market.

4. The characteristic exhibition area of the same period is brilliant, including 3D printing, metal processing, and Die casting manufacturing, which helps you to get ahead of your peers and reach the target buyers more quickly.

5. Strengthen professional media and social media resources in the industry, and expand publicity in all aspects through direct mail of EDM, so as to increase brand exposure and influence.

6. Make use of Frankfurt exhibition branch and sales network resources all over the world to promote products around the world.

7. During the same period, the professional seminar and product promotion conference are wonderful, which will help you to grasp the development trend of the industry and overcome the technical problems of mold.

8.  Based in Guangzhou, the exhibition covers the pearl river delta and southeast Asia, covering major economic growth points; Help you take advantage of regional advantages to seize the market opportunity.

High evaluation from buyers

“I have been visiting Asiamold for many years, and this year the aim is to find manufacturers of automobile molds and plastic injection molds. The number of mould exhibitors and buyers has increased in this year’s exhibition. I am very satisfied with

the harvest of this trip and will participate again next year. Mr. Pedro Ribeiro, managing director, Atlantico Ltd

“We come here every year. In the exhibition this year, I found some good molds suppliers, including five gold molds and plastic molds. The appearance of the products is very good. Some companies will consider further cooperation. This year, 3D printing is a key exhibition area, and I have paid special attention to it. In the future, I can consider the introduction of relevant technologies. Mr. Kong lingchao, engineer of engineering department, TCL kingsman electric (huizhou) co. LTD

“Our company mainly deals in automobile molds. This is my first visit to Asiamold and I hope to find a suitable mould manufacturer. This time has been fruitful, found several potential partners. In addition, I was curious about the 3D printing technology I saw at the exhibition. We use traditional techniques to make molds, so we see many new technologies that we have not seen before and find the exhibition very attractive. Mr. Wang wei, concord, meishang xinyi co., LTD

Exhibit Category:

Mould manufacturing, processing: precision mould, plastic mould, hardware mould, Die- casting mould, stamping mould, injection mould, mould fittings, and parts, mould material, precision processing tool.

mould making and prototype, progressive die, heat flow the channel, heat treatment, surface treatment of mould .

3D printing and rapid prototyping: 3D printers, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing equipment.

3D scanners, 3D printing materials, rapid prototyping, and pallet production, 3D printer accessories Design, engineering.

Application development: design, simulation, visualization, mold development and engineering technology, virtual reality, product technology, and testing, measuring instruments.

CAD/CAM Casting and Die-casting: die-casting equipment and technology, forging equipment and technology, casting equipment, and industrial furnace, casting and forging parts.

Die-casting raw materials and auxiliary materials Metal processing and manufacturing: metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, special processing machines, precision tools, machine tool parts, components and accessories, all kinds of metal raw material.

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