As injection molding machine technology and the rapid development of science and technology. The plastic molding factory automation demand is higher and higher, so the injection robot quickly gained popularity. It is mainly used for injection molded parts by the injection molding machine, workers who use this device can reduce workload, improve labor productivity and automation level in the molding workshop. Plastic injection molding speed and efficiency are equivalent to save cost, so the robot will play an important role in improving the manufacturing process. From simple port choices to complex automation machinery, the plastic molding industry is using this automation trend. Through the continuous development of injection molding manipulators, can lead to the development of automated plant auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belts, thus forming a larger industrial chain, promote the development of the injection molding industry.

Robotic end arm Tooling of mold design and development from the engineering department in our company

Our plastic molding manufacturing team to develop Robotic end arm Tooling CAD drawings of the parts. After the complete design will be sent to the factory specialized tools parts manufacturers. Robotic end arm Tooling and electronic, pneumatic, and sensors together, in order to meet the specific processing requirements. It will be all of China injection mold companies development inevitable trend.

In CNMOULDING company, 16 injection molding machine is equipped with a Robotic end arm Tooling. Robotic end arm Tooling’s basic operation controlled by NC (numerical control), received by our company staff programming controller’s instruction. NC code tells the robot how to perform the desired task, such as accurate, complex packaging. Our custom engineering solutions can be quickly produced, improve quality, meet some stringent technical requirements.

Injection molding is a complex geometry for resin surface finish perfect parts. However, many projects are faced with unique challenges.

We focus on bulk-forming and often use a hot runner system in our machines. This method can not only improve the cycle time of the hot flow path but can also enhance the overall quality. Sometimes, in the cold runner applications, the softer resin materials may lead to the challenge of recycling. In most operations, when main components are wrapped, the port is added to the collection of material, you need the extra time. CNMOULDING developed an innovative approach, several of which port can be cured at the arm, and continue to produce parts.

In Robotic end arm Tooling development and research, we have done a lot of work, but the benefits are many. Carefully designed robot technology can help speed up the processing time. Moreover, they improve the quality of the whole parts and reduce the cost.

Robotic end arm Tooling design and manufactur is improving
Robotic end arm Tooling design and manufacture is improving



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