What is medical injection molding?

Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process in the medical industry, offering numerous advantages for a variety of applications. Medical-grade plastics injection molding is used for medical devices, components, laboratory and facility equipment, and more.

When it comes to health and quality of life: with its injection moulding machines, CNMOULDING will always live up to the specific requirements of the sensitive medical industry. We offer utmost safety, cleanroom-compatible production, precision, and full documentation and traceability in the manufacturing process.

medical injection molding
medical injection molding
medical injection molding
medical injection molding

Medical Plastic Injection Moulding Benefits

Since medical device plastics provide increased versatility and can be combined with metal to create enhanced medical product attributes, medical-grade plastics have become the preferred material for numerous types of electronic medical devices. Some of the advantages that medical injection molding companies can provide include:

Improved ergonomics
Reduced weight
Increased functionality
Lower cost
The decreased burden of sterilization

Why Plastic Injection Molding is Important in the Medical Field

Since its inception, the use of plastics within modern medicine has steadily increased. Medical devices that are manufactured from injection molded plastic have contributed to a reduction in medical costs, infectious disease, and pain management. High-tech polymers are used within medical device prototype development and are commonly used to create improved artificial limbs and devices that reduce the risk of infection. Medical plastic injection molding directly leads to increased patient safety and the ability to save more lives.

Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding Applications

Our medical insert molding processes can create housings for medical devices including:

Medical Enclosures
Medical Knobs
Surgical instruments
Dental instruments
Medical equipment components

Manufacturing capabilities in the medical field

  • Wide range of medical materials
    Hundreds of plastic, metal, and elastomer materials such as PEEK, PEI (Ultem), PPSU, polycarbonate (PC), liquid silicone rubber (LSR), Ultem, TPEs, Radel, PSU, Delrin, Lexan, Pebax, ABS, etc.
  • Machinable size
    From miniature to 2400 square centimeters (based on the processing size of our standard mold), in addition, we will also provide manufacturing services for larger size products according to customer needs
  • Mold cavity tolerance
    +/-0.01mm when processing molds, increase +/-0.05mm per centimeter when calculating shrinkage
    • Consistency of parts
    Less than +/-0.1mm
  • Mold type
    Customers can choose the most suitable mold core material based on the estimated sales of the product
  • Optimize the supply chain
    Save resources and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Machine equipment resources
    Single-color and two-color injection molding machines with different tonnages

How does CNMOULDING help the medical industry upgrade?

Quotation within 24 hours
CNMOULDING’s excellent structural engineering team and mature formwork solutions can guarantee a quotation within 24 hours

30% cost savings
Through standardized mold bases and the control of size, materials, bulk purchases, streamlined production, and machine efficiency, it can save customers 30% of manufacturing costs on average

50% shorter lead time
Save the mold base processing time, meanwhile, the mold production cycle is short, and some mold parts are standardized, which is 30% faster than the average delivery time of traditional suppliers.

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