When our daily life of the new crown epidemic is full of all kinds of mask protection,

people begin to understand that the melt spray cloth is the quality assurance of the

mask, then we need to know that the Melt blown nonwoven moulds manufacturing level is

the core hardware of the melt blown fabric production line to determines the production quality.

Melt blown nonwoven moulds
Melt blown nonwoven moulds
Melt blown nonwoven moulds
Melt blown nonwoven moulds

Purpose of melt blown moulds

Melt blown nonwoven moulds
Melt blown nonwoven moulds

(1) Production of high-quality N95/FPP2 mask core technical assurance.
(2) To meet the demand for long-term mass production of fused spray cloth.
(3) Improve the feel of wearing masks to create a variety and/or brand new product design.

【Principle of Melt blown nonwoven moulds】

allows polymer melt to react through extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high-speed blowing gas with Melt blown moulds, while controlling the production process through high technology to obtain various expected results.

【Categories of Melt blown nonwoven moulds】

2、 Length of nozzles :612mm
3、Diameter of nozzles  0.25mm
4、Hole distance:0.7mm
5、Nozzle holes:875 pieces
6、 Cloth  standard: N90-N95

7、Cloth quantity:1 take 3

【Procedure of Melt blown nonwoven moulds】

1. Cleaning: Clean the mold cavity surface and remove surface oil/ grease.
2. Processing: according to the design drawings using a high-precision CNC machine
processing, the whole process without any paper drawings
Complete use of computers to transmit data, from the design of computers to the
transmission of processing computers.
3. Inspection: the quality inspection department measures each key assembly size
through CMM for each processing part.
4. Surface treatment: Carefully wipe the cavity surface for Melt blown nonwoven
moulds. Water absorbent cotton, so that it is not affected by any dirt, thus ensuring the texture effect.
5. Assembly: each precision part is assembled into a complete mold
6. Test Melt blown mold: before sending the mold parts back to the mold manufacturer,
assemble into the automatic production line for trial production, test the matching
degree of each mold, production cycle


【Pre- Requirements on Melt blown nonwoven Moulds

The treatment of a melt-blown nonwoven mould plays an important role in defining the final cloth effects. As a result, every detail should carefully be considered:

1,,Micropore requirements: Φ0.20~Φ0.4mm,

2,Depth 2.5~4 mm varying

3,Workpiece material:4 Cr13(hardness HRC28~32)

4,Cavity polishing finish 0.01-0.03 um

5,Spinneret mold is a precision mold, the center distance of the spinneret hole is 0.7-1.0 mm, and the ejection of polypropylene wire can meet the requirements of the medical disposable mask N95 mask.

6,Cnmouldingcan customizes the melt-blown die head according to your screw mold head,800,1200,1600,2400, and other different models.

The spinneret hole aperture on the spinneret Die head is 0.1~0.3 mm, if the protection requirements of the melt spray layer of the high protective mask are to be met, the finer the wire ejected through the hole on the meltblown moulds spray plate is, the better. Through our own technical strength, we have made a technical transformation on the problems of poor surface roughness, low dimensional consistency, and non-circle of the holes in the ordinary EDM machine tools.




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