Reverse the trend of globalization will happen soon

After the new crown epidemic, it will be a trend for countries around the world to set up more independent, complete, and safe industrial chains. Which will reverse the trend of globalization inevitable and will eventually become a foregone conclusion. “But in In the short term, it is difficult for countries to construct independent industrial chains and industrial systems, globally the industry chain. Is also difficult to reverse in the short term. And the global industry chain will not be able to decouple
from China in the short term.

Over the past few decades, countries around the world have benefited from globalization, and each country’s industrial chain has not been able to stand alone must be embedded in the global industrial chain. But mistrust will increase after the outbreak. I’m sure every country will. It will be a trend for countries to set up more independent, complete, and safe industrial chains. In the global industry chain Under the trend of transformation, the shadow of reverse globalization will appear.
Perhaps the trend against globalization is inevitable and will eventually become a foregone conclusion, but against the whole. Spheroidization can cause great harm to countries and is a great disaster for the global economy.

Establish a new Industrial chain include mold and injection molding industry

After the epidemic, all countries want to establish an independent and complete industrial chain and the global industrial chain will be simplified. After the outbreak, the global industrial chain will be reduced Less dependence on China, we must be alert to the global industrial chain to China.

Especially the basic medical and people’s livelihood industries go to China. Will be inevitable. As a matching mold and injection molding industry, because it is done parts processing, so the impact will not be very big.

However, in the short term, it is difficult for countries to construct independent industrial chains and industrial systems, and for global industrial chains to occur in the short term。 A reversal change. Some countries have the ability to construct independent industrial chains, while others do not. Even America, Europe
In the developed countries, it is not easy to form an independent and complete industrial chain after the epidemic. In the past few decades, the United States Many developed countries in Europe have been pursuing the policy of de-industrialization and vigorously developing the virtual economy. Now it seems that these countries have been industrialized. It’s almost gone, and many industries are dead.


Restore the manufacturing industry and form an independent industrial chain system is very difficult

First, lack of industrial investment, lack of bosses

Whether Japan, the United States, or Europe, many manufacturing companies second generation.Unwilling to take over factories, make manufacturing, prefer to do the Internet, finance and another virtual economy;

Second, lack of labor, go to industry

Turn causes young people to go to finance, real estate, and other industries, manufacturing lacks young workers. In America, Europe, the cheapest electricity, natural gas, and other energy resources, the most expensive is labor costs, developed countries labor costs are higher than in China.

Third, lack of funding

In addition, the existence of a trade union system, labor tension between the United States and Europe hindered the development of manufacturing, this difficulty. The problem is difficult to deal with. This is because
the bipartisan campaign mechanism and campaign platform are the main sources of labor tension and the problem can not be solved in the short term Settlement.

Now some industrial chains are moving to Southeast Asia. But now Southeast Asia, like China at the beginning of reform and opening-up has poor infrastructure. Poor roads lead to poor traffic flow, often unstable water and electricity supplies. And the re-establishment of a job in another area. The factory will take at least two or three years, these are the costs to be considered by the enterprise. Take the mold as an example, a generation of technicians trained at least need more than 10 years,
so Southeast Asia wants to establish a complete mold manufacturing and processing system, at present, can not challenge China.

China still have time and opportunity

From the perspective of China’s social and economic environment. After more than 40 years of reform and opening-up. China’s economy and the world economy intersect, you have me, I have you. The global supply chain and industrial chain and China decoupling will bring great harm to both sides. And now look all over the world, from Russia, Japan, South Korea to Europe, and the United States, only our hardworking Chinese workers are still working hard. It can also be seen from the epidemic that Chinese technology is not the best in the world. But the executive power can indeed be called the first in the world to say is obedient.







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