China plastic injection molding-tooling for injection molds

CNMOULDING is one of the few plastic injection mold makers in China that specialize in manufacturing cost-effective custom injection molding and custom design tooling in China for injection molded plastic parts, compression molds, overmolding, and molds for investment casting. Innovative custom design tooling solutions such as our CAD plastic injection mold design services in China. Our custom design tooling manufacturing in China. Tooling for export program ensures a low upfront cost, high-quality solution for our client’s custom design tooling projects.

Tooling and mold making in China is our preferred manufacturing method for our customers when the time will allow. We feel by offering custom design tooling in China. We are able to give our customers quality steel tools for the price they would pay for aluminum tools in the US or Europe. We can make molds and tools in China to run at our plastics facilities, or to ship to your location.


We offer custom design tooling for OEMs, end-users, injection-molded plastics shops. And injection mold makers at our engineering facilities in China. Our experienced engineers allow us to maintain the high quality of our injection mold makers’ design services while keeping costs low. We also work with many U.S. And European design firms producing tools for them and will not sell our design services to their customers.

CNMOULDING designs and manufactures its clients’ custom tools. Die’s and molds to their specifications, produce new molds from its customers’ CAD files, or reverse engineer existing parts. As one of the premier injection mold makers, we are very proficient at reverse engineering many types of parts. We have many different 3D design software platforms to adapt to our customers’ systems. Digital data files and computerized machining are used almost exclusively for the tooling of custom molds.

For small and extremely large parts, which can be manufactured specifically for small or dedicated long-run production molds, provide high-quality custom design tooling. CNMOULDING is one of the best custom design tooling manufacturers in China, specializing in die and tooling design and tooling for export. We can manufacture tools that are multi-cavity molds, unscrewing molds, closure molds, hot-runner molds, and stack molds.

Custom Tooling for Export

Custom tooling for export to the U.S. and other countries is becoming more popular. CNMOULDING builds a large portion of its custom design tools for export. Our clients have found that they can save 50-70% on tooling by having us manufacture the tools for them in China and export them to their facility, a local plastic shop, or our plastic injection molding facility. By making the molds in China customers can reduce their initial investment substantially, and allocate that revenue towards extra inventory if they choose.

CNMOULDING ensures 100% satisfaction with our tools. Detailed drawings are provided for customer approvals, and we always provide prototypes for first article approval prior to packaging and shipping the tools. Custom tools are also designed to fit in whatever injection molding equipment our customers or their suppliers might have. Those dimensions are obtained from our customers prior to finalizing pricing and drawings.
Send us your next custom tooling project for a free reference quote from our factory. We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality and savings!