CNmoulding Air Poppet in injection mold

Air Poppet in injection mold
Air Poppet in injection mold

Air Poppet in injection mold

Air Poppet in injection mold


The popular design of injection mold is generally using the thimble to push out the mold of the product. For the products with high product appearance requirements, most of them do not adopt this way. Because of the reason of the product structure. The top block cannot be used for all products. For example, for a barrel, a product with a special structure of inverted buckling. The surface of the product is an external surface without perforation.

If a general thimble is used to push out the product, it is easy for the product to be sucked. Resulting in the product being pushed out of a depression, or perforation occurs. Affect the appearance and use of the product. At this point, an air poppet is needed. The air poppet is completed to solve the shortcomings of the prior art. The purpose is to provide a product with a simple structure, convenient operation, suitable for this special structure of the barrel and basin, and improve the qualified rate of the product. Reduce production costs and make it easier for products to be completely ejected.

Air pop valves are available in inch and metric sizes. They are designed to break the vacuum created when forming thin-walled or deep-drawn parts such as flowerpot trays and containers. Multiple air cone valves can be used for large or heavy-duty sliders.

Extensive experience serving a wide range of air poppet valve

Taking the new injection mold made by American customers as an example, the round cover product with inner thread is designed with an inverted structure on the core. To prevent the product from sticking to the front core. Ordinary ejectors can no longer meet the required technical requirements, so we replace them with an air pop valve. The injection mold requirement quality is high in the United States because the process standard is not reached during the install air poppet, which leads to the mold test failure.

What is the purpose of the air poppet valve in plastic injection molds? An air poppet valve used to assist injection of molding parts. A small amount of gas is blown into the injection mold cavity (or from the core) at the desired position to assist in separating the moulding portion from the desired mold parting line feature. Examples of using dimethyl, ether air Poppet valve are with deep drawing parts (i.e. drums) or thin-walled molded parts. The timing of airflow is consistent with the injection cycle, which opens the valve to break the vacuum and facilitate partial injection.

Last poppet valve technology

In general, the minimum diameter of the air poppet can be 5 mm, the maximum diameter can be 30 mm, the maximum height of the air poppet can be 50 mm, and the air poppet valve is generally composed of four parts: the shell, the top rod, the spring, and the elastic cylinder pin. There is a more common air poppet valve used in domestic, DME valve also known as VA air valve is used in export mould, CUMSA air poppet valve is the second, and HASCO brand name is relatively less. If the international standard air poppet valve is used, the price is still very high up to now. It usually costs several hundred RMB. The mould of these international standards can basically be produced at home, and the quality is relatively reliable and stable. This kind of technology has been mastered.



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