Focus on Polycarbonate Project success

We are very honored, for a Polycarbonate molded parts project between China and US injection mold company. We become the winner.

There is an American medical company needs 1 set of high precision injection molding part, the part we are going to mold is made in PC raw resin, also called Polycarbonate. Although the transparent plastics piece is our strength, in the actual production process, some problems. Our experts cost time and solve it finally, it should be we can learn and share.

Here’s a simple idea about the injection mold for PC medical products.



Deep Injection Molding Manufacturing Expertise

As you can see the transparent body is a hook surface.  The product surface needs to be transparent and no rod traces and dirty marks. We need to ensure that the plastic products will not stick in the side of the cavity during the injection molding process. So it is necessary to use a slider block structure. Because the customer needs all the wall thickness must be uniform, then the light reflection is the same. Look at the pictures and videos can know, for an elliptic shape, the problem is difficult to solve.


Another problem is the bubble inside, the product safety reason, customer have to design and make the wall thickness reaches 5 MM, PC accessories will have some bubbles, from the picture you are hard to find, but the actual existence, made a bubble in the PC material parts get cooling and sealing the door quickly,  there are some defects on the surface is easy to produce because of big thickness, to do the right thing, there are a few things you might want to check if the resin completely drying, a suitable mold temperature, injection speed, using multi-point hot runner feeding, etc. here is the final approved sample to see the clean off, there is no bubble at all!



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