In China, now more and more plastic injection mold makers hire technical sales who are good at technique and English communication. As we all know, the technique requirement is the most important thing for an injection mold making project, and now a lot of Chinese mold salesman are good at CAD drawing, materials choosing and mold making process, so they can communicate with the partner engineers very well. To make a new plastic injection mold, the 3D drawing is the first thing and then analysis how to make the mold (size, structure, material, cut down the cost and so on), so the key point is how to make the suppliers’ engineers and your companies’ requirements connection.

Here is the best 10 China Injection Molding Companies Lists:


1,Ideal Mould Tech (ShenZhen) Co.Ltd.

Ideal Mould Tech (ShenZhen) Co.Ltd. was founded in 1997. Following more than ten years of good governance, Ideal has developed into a

highly professional plastic mold manufacturerand injection molder. Ideal has grown to become amedium-sized company. Ideal has a bright

and spacious 5000 square meters of modern standard  workshops.Advanced equipment is installed throughout the plant, including a

range of advanced imported machinery supplied by Sodick and Micron. We have about 150 people, experienced management personnel

and a group of highly skilled workers. We can very accurately address the specific standards and requirements of the automotive, electronics,

home appliances and telecom industries.


CNMOULDING is a professional china mould & plastic injection molding factory which was founded in Shanghai in 1997. We constantly provide excellent technology, advise, service and after sales service to Part Make, Stylish Design,Model Measure for Final Assembly.

We have pass quanlity certificate for ISO9001 with 2008 version also.Over 100 staff and 3,500 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space dedicated to toolmaking and injection molding…. Our industrial products are plastic and thermoforming and rapid prototype for automotive, family appliance, Medicine and Tele-communication device,etc.


China Plastic Injection Moulding company for Custom Plastic Molds Solution Since 1997

First  Plastic-InjectionMoulding .com (CNMOULDING) IS A Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company based in of Shanghai, China. We Provide Excellent Plastic Molding Products and Services for companies All The World over. Our Comprehensive-Service from Industrial Design, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Volume production and production is based on an end-to-end quality assurance system that delivers an efficient, cost-saving, turnkey solution in plastic injection molding manufacturing.


The factory is Located in Shenzhen, China, and was established in 1998, Sositar Mould Co.,LTD specializes in various plastic moulds parts for automotive,

home appliances, medical equipments, electronics and sporting equipments, as well as general industrial OEM applications.

Our factory is more than 3,800 squaremeters workshop in size, and is very near to convenient transportation.

At present, we have  more than 150 experienced toolmakers in china and capital assets of more than 15 million RMB.

we have the capacity to produce 60-80 moulds per month.We are capable of producing injecting molded parts with

weights up to 1500g or in presses up to 650 tons, building various kinds of plastic moulds and die casts ranging in size up

to 8500*1000*8500mm.

3,Eco molding Co., Limited

Eco molding Co., Limited offer plastic injection molding service and specializes in various plastic molds for automotive, home appliances,electronics, as well as general industrial OEM applications.

Our factory is over 2000 square meters in size and is closed to convenient transportation. At present, our company has over 100 employees

and capital assets to more than 8 million RMB. We have the capacity to produce 40-50 injection moulds per month.

Our mission is to be a professional, trustworthy and creative toolmaker and plastic molding company, Our top level management is

always involved, and we use a  modern management system. Our goal is for zero defects. We make sure to use the best techniques

to produce the highest quality. we use continuous improvement, and innovation to be your best partner for your company.


Triple-c is an innovative mold making company and plastic injection molding manufacturer in China set up by Philips employees.

We supply molds (or moulds) for plastic injection molded parts from China for your own production in the USA, CANADA Germany,

Netherlands (so-called export molds) or we supply tooling for our own mold factory in china, with the necessary cost savings on

the molds and mass production.

Together with a Chinese injection molding shop we have entered into a joint venture to combine the best of two worlds:

Western quality, know-how and management and a Chinese injection molding and molds and tooling factory.

7,HLH Prototypes

Rapid prototyping can also come in the form of injection molded parts. How? Rapid tooling (bridge tooling) delivers low volume production quality parts (up to 100,000) from production resins. Think of rapid injection molding as end use prototype manufacturing. End use because your parts are identical to production parts. Prototype because the lead times and costs of rapid injection molding are significantly reduced compared to full production tooling.

How It Works – Rapid plastic molding tools are made from steel or aluminium. We use both options but most of our custom injection molding tools are steel. Why? More value for you. Our steel rapid tool injection molding services will typically deliver more than double the parts than comparable aluminium programs.



The ZYMOULDING company has its own custom plastic injection mold manufacturing factory in Shanghai China. We can provide high-quality injection molds at competitive prices for global companies.


We are a fully equipped injection mold factory. We have complete in-house mold making capacity, proceed from mold design to CNC, EDM, wire cut, polish, mold fitting, and mold testing. Our equipment includes but is not limited to 6 sets of CNC, precision 0.005mm. 14 sets of mirror EDM, 8 sets of slow wire cut. 12 sets of injection molding machines range from 60 Ton to 800 Ton, 1 set of 2D projection measurement, 1 set of CMM. We can build plastic injection mold and Die-casting a maximum of 7.5 tons, molded plastic parts a Maximum of 1200g.


The company established in 1997, is a leading precision manufacturer of china injection molding company .And plastic injection mold makers all over the world

Our favorable reference can provide different kinds of mold making and plastic injection molding production. We have a group of experienced designers, engineers, and technicians. High-quality standards, competitive prices. On-time delivery and responsible after-sales service are the principle that we follow to develop mutual trust. And confidence with our domestic and international clients.


We Established in 2008 , The monther Company Ideal Group Established in 1996 also in Shenen and we have been approved by a series of quality assurance systems which released by authorized third-party organizations. Awarded ISO9001:2000 certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, and BV Certifications, we attain the level of production and management to systematization and standardization. After 18 years’ development, we now cover an area of 8000 square meters and expands to a scale of 300 excellent staff, as well the latest advanced machine equipment.

Our aim is to ensure the customers always get the best quality products, services, and delivery all the prototyping requirements on time, helping them to develop new products and launch them into the marketplace ahead of their competition to win more profit,  We make your design become to true product, from make 1pcs rapid prototyping to low-volume production with rapid tooling till production that uses TECH inculde: CNC machining china,Rapid Prototyping China, Rapid Tooling, low volume production,2k mold, 2shot molding, rapid tooling, Plastic injection Molding china, Sheet Metal Fabrication, die casting, die casting molding,SLA/SLS, Jigs Fixtures, parts painting,assembly , QA Service then shipment from  Shenzhen China