With the continuous improvement of the outside surface treatment technology of plastic products.

In China, Customized injection mold – a large number of texture technology is applied to high-grade products such as

automobiles, household appliances, etc., which can highlight the grade of the products.

Operational Principle

Chemical reagents (such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid) are allowed to react with injection mold steel while controlling the reaction process to achieve various desired results.

Texture Manufacturing Procedure

Injection molding manufacturing often needs special texture procedure ability. Because of product design requirements, mold deformation will damage the part’s appearance, various indentation, ejector white mark, and other manufacturing defects, To ensure that your product creates safe value needs, apply textures to the mold cavity. In any case, there are thousands of industry-standard models available to meet the functionality and appearance of the final product.

Working with all mold steel materials, including tool steel, aluminum, and other materials, our texturing process starts with shielding all areas unless the pattern appears. Then immerse the mould in the acid bath to make the material deform. This step requires our skilled engineer to manage depth and model consistency. Changes in depth can and will change the appearance of the pattern. The depth of these texture processing items ranges from 0.0006 “to .003”. Texture all industry-standard modes and any custom mode.

Prior treatment texture on the mold

The final texture effect depends on the mold prior treatment effect.

The following aspects in the previous mold processing should pay attention to

1.The textured finish of every 6 μ m is at least 0.5 degree

2. Polishing sandpaper will be used 800-1200, the polishing process of the coarse sandpaper of the first time, then

800-1000 fine sandpaper 2 and 3 to use 1200 fine sandpaper

3. For mold changes need to be laser welding, there will be no scar on the surface

4. Those that have been done need to be re-polished to remove the original polishing marks, and the EDM part

should be treated with a specular spark machine so that the surface can be directly textured.

5. Special mold texture surfaces, such as the automobile industry, should be dealt with by a professional company.

Some Matter for Mold Texture

Usually, the surface of the mold cavity will be textured, and the two sides of the product are rarely made as dermatoglyphics. Because the surface of the mould is rough, the scratches and the adhesive cavity are the possible problems, the ejection marks are easy to be produced because of the unfavorable demoulding of the mould, which greatly affects the appearance of the parts.

In order to solve the scratch problem and ensure the smooth release of the mould, we usually use the method of adding an auxiliary ejection mechanism in the ejection port, the specific method is different according to the characteristics of each product. In actual production, it is very difficult to solve the mold demoulding problem by adjusting the injection parameters, so the release agent is usually used on the deformation surface to facilitate the production. But the use of release agents must be limited to the trial stage, the formal production mold is not allowed, so before the mold texture makes, our engineers will give customers advice, what kind of texture patterns apply to your products.






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