Overmolding company service in china
Overmolding company service in china

In China, overmolding service is one kind of customer plastic injection molding type

Overmolding is a kind of special and universal precision plastic injection molding process, a kind of soft material is formed on another kind of hard material. Why this process is special because if you can not choose the right material, it is difficult to combine the two materials in chemical and Mechanical.

No long working experience, and the injection mold making team, can not guarantee the production of life into a finished product Many new arrivals China mold manufacturer beginning despises the result is, mold development failure, serious consequences of the customer project period, then the loss of customers. Why said that the general, injection molding cheaper than comparable manufacturing, of course, become the first choice of many product designers.

Do this kind of mold to pay attention to the following items, the project development early material selection is very important: these two kinds of plastic need not be the same but must be compatible For example, if you find that the second material will melt or distort the first material during the trial, it is certain that your material selection is wrong.

We have mastered the high-performance overmolding technology, including the following:

Cnmoulding development of overmolded products by combining the unique properties of our rubber-like plastic Polylastomer? components with our many years of experience producing insert molded products. One of our first over-molded products was developed for a leading medical manufacturer. Today we have manufactured a lot of overmolded parts. Many of our customers produce consumer-oriented products.Cnmoulding Plastics’ overmolding technology adds value to their products and adds consumer appeal.

In pioneering the process, we have worked closely with resin manufacturers to develop materials that bond in the overmolding process. Many products use Polypropylene as the substrate to bond with TPE, TPR, SILICON Rubber-type materials. Today there are elastomeric materials that will bond to Nylon and ABS substrates, as well. This gives designers more options in developing overmolded parts.

Our overmolding technology allows designers and engineers to create a strong structural product with excellent ergonomic comfort for the end-user. Overmolded parts can add further appeal by being molded in two different colors.

We would like to share our overmolding experience with you. Contact us with your needs. We will promptly help you develop high-quality, economical, successful overmolded components that will assist you in selling your product.

overmolding for 2 color product with 2 kinds of material (hard and soft material) in one product

  • Regularly scheduled tool maintenance.
  • Use of logically balanced runners.
  • Use of quick mold change systems.
  • Mold design practices that allow for future flexibility in production.
  • Face-mounted inserts for a quick change.