Plastic Mold Making
Plastic Mold Making

Tooling and Mold Making in China

We are one of the few plastic injection mold makers in China that specialize in mold making cost-effective custom injection molding and custom design tooling for injection molded plastic parts, compression molds, over-molding, and molds for investment casting. Innovative custom design mold making solutions such as our CAD plastic injection mold design services in China. Our custom design tooling manufacturing in China, and mold making export program ensure a low upfront cost, high-quality solution for our clients custom design tooling projects.

Tooling and mold making in China is our preferred manufacturing method for our customers when the time will allow. We feel by offering custom design tooling in China we can give our customers quality steel tools for the price they would pay for aluminum tools in the US or Europe. We can make molds and tools in China to run at our plastics facilities, or to ship to your location.

We offer custom design tooling for OEMs, end-users, injection-molded plastics shops, and injection mold makers at our engineering facilities in China. Our experienced engineers allow us to maintain the high quality of our injection mold-making services while keeping costs low. We also work with many U.S. and European design firms producing tools for them and will not sell our design services to their customers.

Cnmoulding designs and mold making its clients’ custom tools, die’s, and molds to their specifications, produce new molds from its customers’ CAD files, or reverse engineers existing parts. As one of the premier injection mold makers, we are very proficient in reverse engineering in many parts. We have many different 3D design software platforms to adapt to our customers’ systems. Digital data files and computerized machining are used almost exclusively for the tooling of custom molds.

For small and extremely large parts, which can be manufactured specifically for small or dedicated long-run production molds, provide high-quality custom design tooling. Cnmoulding is one of China’s best custom mold-making manufacturers, specializing in Die Casting and Injection Molds for export. We can manufacture tools that are multi-cavity molds, unscrewing molds, closure molds, hot-runner molds, and stack molds.

Plastic Mold Making
Plastic Mold Making

Plastic Injection Mold Making Process

In China, a long-standing tradition of export mold manufacturers, we share here the basic injection mold making overview:

1Parts Design (client may provide completed 3D files)
The tooling process begins with a completed and checked part design. CNMOULDING can optionally optimize your design before tooling to lower your costs and ensure that your design will work well.

2. Parts Prototyping (if necessary)

If you would like to validate your parts design with a machined piece that you can see and feel, CNmoulding can use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) techniques to prototype your parts.

3Tool / Mold Design

At this stage the tool is designed, using the information from your completed tools and molds design

4Tool / Mold Check and Mold Flow Analysis
The tool design is validated for correctness.

5.Tool / Mold Fabrication

(including use of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technologies)
The tool is precisely fabricated according to the validated design.

6New Injection Molds First Shots To Client
Once the injection molds are made, the first test shot samples will be sent out soon after via an international courier. Once sent, these usually take around 2-5 days to arrive.

7Tool / Mold Modifications and Texturing
At this stage, the Mold shop completes the tool and makes any required changes to bring the tool into the approved spec. Changes made to bring the tool to spec (specifically excluding design changes, which are always charged) are made free of charge.
At this stage, texturing also takes place, which is normally the last stage before mass production.

8Mass Production Run or Export
At this stage, parts are produced and delivered to the customer, or the tool is released for export use.

Technical Topics:

Molding begins with tooling. No matter how good the design, if the tooling is not up to the task. The quality of the parts will suffer.

The Mold Making & factory tour in china

Mold making material overview

Achieving consistent dimensions and quality requires up-to-date molding machines, operating to specifications, with precise position and pressure control capabilities. The basic construction of a molding machine is fairly straightforward.

Material is fed in through a hopper into a screw and barrel where it is heated to a molten condition. The melt is then injected under high pressure into the mold while the mold is held closed with the high force of a toggle or hydraulic ram. The goal is to melt resin in a very uniform and repeatable fashion. Inject it into the mold under very precise and repeatable pressure conditions. And hold the steel temperatures in the entire flow system very stable. After the molten plastic is solidified, the mold is opened and the gear is ejected. It then continues to cool in the open air.

There are many handling and pre-processing requirements for injection molding materials. Engineering polymers quite often must be dried to a specific dew point before use. When parts are made, runners are formed that some shops regrind and put back in the melt. This quite often raises more quality concerns than the slight savings in material expense may justify, and CPIM uses only virgin material.

The method of injecting the plastic into the mold is very important. In most cases, the plastic should be injected under high pressure very quickly to maintain the good characteristics of the melt completely during the injection. As the mold cavity fills, the injection pressure should be held at the same high value and the speed of injection slowed to maintain that pressure. At the moment when the part is filled, and the molding machine switches over from injection to a pack & hold condition, the plastic melt is held at the same high pressure. This pressure is held for as long as it takes to freeze the gates and achieve the highest weight possible for the molded part.

Custom mold making service

Custom mold-making service for export to the U.S. and other countries is becoming more popular. Cnmoulding builds a large portion of its custom design tools for export. Our clients have found that they can save 50-70% on tooling by having us manufacture the tools for them in China. And export them to their facility, a local plastic shop, or our plastic injection molding facility. By making the molds in China customers can reduce their initial investment substantially, and allocate that revenue towards extra inventory if they choose.

Cnmoulding ensures 100% satisfaction with our tools. Detailed drawings are provided for customer approvals, and we always provide prototypes for first article approval before packaging and shipping the tools. Custom mold making services are also designed to fit in whatever injection molding equipment our customers or their suppliers might have. Those dimensions are obtained from our customers before finalizing pricing and drawings.

Mold making is a thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics, and relatively low melting point metal molding mold. This article is particularly concerned with the processing of thermoplastic mold making. Through the injection molding company owned steel, metal cutting,  using a variety of processing machines. The finished inserts are assembled by experienced technicians into a custom-made mold base and the desired design molds are obtained.  Injection mold making processing in China is currently the most widely used export. The most mature technology of the strong foreign trade industry.

Send us your next custom mold making project for a free reference quote from our factory. We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality and savings!