injection mold factory in china
injection mold factory in china

 Mould making and injection molding part in China is generally much more affordable than in the West but of course, the whole process has to be carefully monitored to avoid disappointments.

CNMOULDING will devise the appropriate tooling and mould making strategy for you. We will generally do the tooling and injection mold of the test series in the factory for a complex small product. Then the production volume is large enough. If you need to have real molded parts in hand within 2 weeks you will find our rapid tooling services very cost-competitive


One of our auto industry customers designed a complex transmission system for the control system. And asked us to design an innovative family mold shell for their motors and sensors. He only provides product drawings, our mold designers perfect the mold drawings.

We built 8 new family molds for the first 10-day test series. As we improved his original design, our total cost was much lower than their local mold manufacturing. Our mold makers are here, work with customers to update the design to build high-quality molds.

These molds have been moulding these automotive parts with an excellent horizontal injection for many years without any problems or defects.

CNMOULDING is your selection injection mold factory in China.

An injection mould factory-made mold in Shanghai China