How much injection molding cost in China
How much injection molding cost in China

Various injection molded part cost all of industry

All kinds of molded parts have obvious advantages in China!

Injection Molding and Mould making in China are generally much more affordable than in the West (about 50% lower in        China, 30% lower in Taiwan). But of course, the whole process has to be carefully monitored to avoid disappointments.

We will devise the appropriate tooling and mould making strategy for you. We have different ways for a complex small product and large tools and moulds. If you need to have real molded parts in hand within 2 weeks. Our prototyping team services have very cost-competitive.

Does injection molding cost expensive in china?

Compared to the cost of injection molds, injection molding products can easily become the cheapest part of the project. And can significantly reduce the cost of running a small part. The main factors affecting the cost of injection molding products are the material. And the structure of the parts, the number of parts produced.

Plastic Tooling for local injection molding or Export

If your company wants the lower tooling prices, but still needs the flexibility of injection moulding at home we can ship you the moulds. Built according to the specifications of your injection machines. Overall costs (tooling, parts & shipping) are generally about 30% lower when we do the plastic injection moulding in outside as well.

Let us re-engineer your parts for lower injection molding costs

In our product design process, we use our principles allow us to make design decisions based on actual manufacturing methods and costs. Which of course leads to more realistic decisions and better cost optimization than applying them when the design is already frozen. Our engineers strictly supervise any redesign effort to make sure that the final part still meets Western aesthetic expectations.
We also have a lot of experience in the overmolding process, the production cost is only 30% in the United States

Saving next project injection molding cost from material first

Plastic material selection is another consideration to determine the cost of plastic
injection molds. For example, any poly-carbonate fiber and nylon plastic products
are prone to daily mold wear. The designer must choose the use of hardened tool steel
mold for injection molding.

The liquid cavity of plastic materials, often pays great attention to mold maintenance
after use, because this kind of material will have a strong corrosion effect on the
mold surface, if not properly handled, in future production you will face a lot
of unexpected problems. So your cost is not reduced but increased