Custom insert molding
Custom insert molding

Various insert molding part use in all industry

Insert Molding (or insert moulding) in China is similar to multi-shot molding in that it results in the combination of two or more resins into a single product. Each resin is molded separately in an individual mold. And is transferred either by a robot or manually to subsequent molding operations for the additional resins. Insert molding is better suited for lower volume applications than multi-shot molding due to lower capital investment requirements. Typical applications include ‘soft-touch’ materials molded onto an enclosure (drill housing or handle) or multiple colors/materials molded together for aesthetic or functional purposes. we have broad experience in the development and manufacture of overmold products.
insert molding in China is generally much more affordable than in the West (about 50% lower in China, 30% lower in Taiwan) But of course, the whole process has to be carefully monitored to avoid disappointments.

we will devise the appropriate insert mold/mould making strategy for you. We have different ways for a complex small product and a large insert moulding tool. If you need to have real insert molded parts in hand within 2 weeks. Our prototyping team services have very cost-competitive.For the local insert molding or Export

Insert injection molding or injection mould in china

If your company wants lower tooling prices. But still needs the flexibility of insert molding at home we can ship you the moulds. Built according to the specifications of your injection machines. Overall costs (tooling, parts & shipping) are generally about 30% lower. When we do the insert molded parts outside as well.

Let us re-engineer your insert molding parts for lower tooling costs.
In our product design process, we use our principles allow us to make design decisions based on actual manufacturing methods and costs. Which of course leads to more realistic decisions and better cost optimization than applying them when the design is already frozen. Our engineers strictly supervise any redesign effort to make sure that the final part still meets Western aesthetic expectations.

Insert molding material 

Insert molding (or “insert moulding”) is just one of the specialized plastic injection service delivery methods that insert molding and OVERMOLDING are the same as traditional injection molding.
Insert molding is the process of forming or forming plastic parts around other nonplastic parts or inserts
Insert inserts are usually simple metal objects. Such as nuts or stamping parts, and some special items that can be inserted into the complex motor Similarly. Non-metallic materials can also be used to insert molded inserts.