Custom Injection Molding
Custom Injection Molding

OEM Assembly & Paint Custom Injection Molding

What is Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Most Chinese injection mold manufacturers complete international trade by providing customized services, but lack of real understanding of the real meaning of customers’ need for customized services, resulting in some mold manufacturers can not accurately complete the highly specialized manufacturing after signing contracts.

Just because a mold maker can facilitate the development of the original mold does not constitute real customer service (or ensure an ideal result). These mold manufacturers lack the ability to export complex injection molded parts for experienced reasons to complete with standardized specifications and tight tolerances.

How to evaluate injection molds consistent with your project needs is a critical criterion for project success. For example, components used in medical or aviation, automotive applications need to be truly sophisticated in design, engineering, and equipment use, compared to common civilian products.

Experience has the rich injection mold division’s concentration and the actual field ability. plastic molded parts used in such applications must comply with strict inspection specifications and compliance assembly instructions.

CNmoulding Industries specializes in plastic injection molding in China to produce a wide variety of products from high-tech parts with very tight tolerances to consumer products, lawns, and gardens as well as entrepreneur’s inventions. We provide custom plastic injection molding for customers worldwide, in a variety of industries. We are the low-cost leader for high-quality injection molded plastics with a fast turnaround. Some examples of these products are pictured on our web.

We manufacture large and small moldings. we can manufacture almost any plastic part for any of your needs.

   High volume custom injection molding capabilities

Precision tool makers in our Factory allow us to provide quick-turn service on medium to high volume

orders, where we build dedicated long-run production molds. We specialize in high-volume custom plastic injection molding projects. High-end second-op machining is also available. Our plastic injection factories in China manufacture very high-quality products that are extremely cost-effective. Custom injection molding in China is especially effective when the plastics require secondary operations for completion. These secondary operations include anything from cleaning parts, overmolding, painting, drilling holes, pad printing, screen printing, or partial sub-assemblies.

Before releasing it, we will make a packing inspection to ensure all the components, accessories, and documents have been enclosed.

Documents enclosed:

  • Inspection Check for Shipping
  • material Certification if need
  • Latest Injection Report
  • Drawing for Components of Mould
  • Final Mold Layout
  • Share Components List
  • Feedback Form of Mould Quality

Custom Injection Molding Actual Performance

Rapid Turnaround: We offer the most efficient, safe, and affordable transportation

the method, our special channel shipping price is cheaper than any customer’s own forwarder price to suit your time and budget requirement.

Online Quotation: We provide a standard quotation for custom injection molding 24 hours in time through EMAIL, WECHAT, WHATSAPP, and SKYPE interactive online quotation system, also including mold and rapid prototyping parts processing.

Low Cost:  20 years complete supply production chain layout, so that we really complete each link of high efficiency, fully reflect the offshore manufacturing industry with a lower cost structure of facilities, in order to provide prices below our pure domestic competitors.

High Quality:  We are ISO9001:2015 certified, use CMS digital system so that the full qualified rate of mass product manufacturing is possible. The whole process of digital management makes the traditional manual single-piece measurement method can not compete.

A real example of custom molding TESLA Motor parts

CNMOULDING customers come from a variety of world-renowned automotive industries, such as electric car industry leader Tesla Motors. Electric cars have a large number of electronic parts to replace traditional car hydraulic parts, plastic shells need to protect the subtle automotive electronics parts, safely consistent with the brand established by Tesla. this is a high order for an offshore Chinese supplier, but we consistently produce and deliver quality parts that meet the required specifications. The injection mold is perfect for an enviable position.

The customer takes the initiative to cooperate with us. because producing specialized, complex solutions is commonplace. These include all kinds of car buckle, protective cover, decorative panel. produce $3 million of molds and automotive products annually.

our technical department works closely with the engineers of the customer to optimize the component design to reduce the development cost, introduce Moldflow analysis, identify and correct the problems that will be in molding and materials in advance before production. Custom features also allow medium-term production adjustments, including components modifications after assembly. The result of custom injection molding is quite different from that of the traditional mould.