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U.S. President Donald Trump spoke to the nation on Sunday morning in response to Iran’s retaliatory action against the United States yesterday.

He cooled the recent situation in Iraq on the brink of war, saying the United States was ready to embrace peace. Suggesting that the United States would no longer engage in direct military action
Response. When the world thought Americans were going to war, Americans shrank, which made us more aware of the points

The American economy no longer supports him to fight a local war at will. The policy of carrot and carrot is very practical
The United States’ influence in the world began to decline, although still the world’s boss. The boss should also consider the appeal of the younger brothers
In the future, America will become more commercialized for the economy. Just like President Trump, the maximization of benefits is what America seeks.

China us a trade deal

The signing of the first phase of the CHINA-US trade agreement on the 15th is good news for both sides and the world. According to the first phase of the China-US Economic and Trade Association. The agreement is conducive to the gradual restoration of stable and normal economic relations between China and the United States. And the injection of confidence in the world economy that is going down is conducive to the stability of the global trade order. At the same time, the phase agreement is an important first step in improving economic and trade relations between the two countries.

The trade war, which began in the spring of 2018, has now had a significant adverse impact on the global economy. Massive Chinese manufacturing shutdown: A large amount of foreign capital has moved out of China, and China’s employment problems directly impact social stability. Therefore, the agreement signed for our mold manufacturing enterprise industry and the plastic injection molding industry is certainly good.

The first phase includes intellectual property rights, compulsory technology transfer, agricultural trade, financial services, and exchange rates. China At least $200 billion in additional U.S. industrial, agricultural, energy, and service products over the next two years. Every year from China The number of agricultural products imported by the United States will reach $40 billion to $50 billion. In contrast: China’s total imports of goods from the United States in 2017.
The purchase will significantly reduce the US-China trade deficit. Chinese people can buy more cheap, high-quality beauty
Homemade, still very good. For our molding and injection molding, this kind of supporting industry is also more opportunities than challenges.

Expect a pragmatic U.S. government to sign the second phase of a trade deal as soon as possible, though it won’t be easy.






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