Case analysis of transparent plastic products in medical application

As the plastic has lightweight, good toughness, easy molding. Low cost, so in modern and daily products, more and more use of plastic instead of glass, especially for optical instruments and medical aspects, the development is particularly rapid. However, due to the requirements of its transparency is better, high wear resistance, impact toughness is better. So the composition of the plastic, the entire process of injection molding equipment. Mold, etc., have to make a lot of work to ensure that the plastic used to replace the glass, the surface quality is good, so as to achieve the requirements.

Transparent plastic must first have a high degree of transparency, followed by a certain degree of strength and wear resistance, to impact, heat resistance is better, chemical resistance is excellent, water absorption is small, only in order to use, to meet the transparency requirements and long-term deformation.

This is our latest injection molding of the C laryngoscopy instrument.

A direct laryngoscopy allows visualization of the larynx and is often used during general anesthesia, surgical procedures around the larynx, 

and resuscitation.   This tool is useful in multiple hospital settings, from the emergency department to the intensive care unit and the operating room


Use: throat inspection
Requirements: transparent, smooth surface, no bubbles, no impurities

As the transparent plastic products must have a high degree of transparency, and because of the detection for the throat, requiring a smooth surface. In the production process, we encountered a product bubble, not transparent, and so on. As shown in the figure, this product has bloomed, because it is transparent plastic products, bubbles seriously affect the appearance.

This product is used for throat inspection, so at the end, it puts the camera to the image. The tail requires a high degree of transparency, if there are patterns, scratches will affect the detection effect.

These transparent plastic products  use in chest

Material: PMMA
Use: chest inspection
Requirements: highly transparent, shiny, smooth surface, no bubbles, no impurities

The application status of plastics in medical apparatus

Medical equipment involves multiple sectors pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics, plastics, etc., in which the rapid development of plastic medical devices. Since the 1930s, people first used synthetic polymer materials. Since celluloid film is made as an artificial kidney dialysis membrane used in clinical success. Polymer materials are gradually replacing traditional inorganic materials. Such as metals, glass, ceramics, phosphorus gray stone for the preparation of medical devices.