With the development and technical level of injection molds in China. More and more American clients are choosing to cooperate with Chinese injection molding manufacturers. China’s injection molding industry has a distinct advantage over the United States in terms of manufacturing costs.

A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry
A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry

1, The labor costs: the US labor costs are 3.57 times the cost of domestic labor.

The domestic total output of 4,500 tons of production line 250 people. The United States to improve equipment, with the production capacity of two production lines 180 people. According to the domestic monthly salary plus a total of 4500 yuan of various types of social security costs. In the United States, no one monthly salary plus insurance costs a total of 3,600 US dollars per ton of labor costs: domestic 250 * 4500 yuan/month / 4500 tons/month = 250 Yuan/ton, equivalent to 40.32 US dollars/ton. Which does not include the company providing accommodation and other expenses. The United States is 180 people * 3600 US dollars / month / 4500 yuan / month = 144 US dollars / ton, 2.57 times higher than the domestic.

2, The depreciation cost, the US depreciation cost is 1.7 times the cost of domestic depreciation.

With the production capacity of equipment and land plant. The domestic production line investment 90 million yuan. The US production line investment 25 million US dollars. According to 15 years depreciation with an annual output of 50,000 tons, respectively, calculated tons of depreciation costs: domestic 90 million / 15 years / 50000 tons/year = 120 Yuan/ton, equivalent to 19.35 US dollars/ton. The United States is 25 million US dollars / 15 years / 50000 tons / year = 33 US dollars / ton, 1.7 times higher than the domestic.

3, Plant construction costs: US plant construction costs are 4 times that China

While the United States its own favorable conditions can not be ignored.

1, Land costs: China is 9 times the United States

Domestic land price is 9 times the US land price, and the United States is a permanent property right. We are 50 years of property rights. For example, in recent years, the price of industrial land in Shanghai is 180,000 yuan/mu. The current US land price is only 20,000 US dollars/acre, equivalent to 20,000 yuan/mu.

2, Logistics costs: China is the United States 2 times

Domestic logistics costs are twice the cost of US logistics. To oil prices, for example, China’s oil price is twice that of the United States, high oil prices are high logistics costs.

Compared to the United States in addition to our hardware there

1, The relevant national policy support;

2 The gradual improvement of infrastructure to the growing market demand to provide the possibility;

3, The world’s casting mold industry centers on China’s huge opportunity for the transfer of electricity. And the general application of sub-business to China’s mold industry has brought great business opportunities;

4, Low labor costs and raw material prices, which urgently need cost savings in the international environment, making China focus on attention. At present, the domestic injection mold industry development situation is excellent. In the industry gradually improve the level of technology at the same time, the scale of development is also increasing.

China and the United States injection mold manufacturing industry has their own advantages, consider injection mold companies development Inevitable Trends. China is more suitable for the custom development of commodity injection mold.

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A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry

A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry
A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry