When you are trying to find a Chinese injection mold companies on the Internet, after you search for ” Injection mold China in GOOGLE”, “injection molding company China” and so on, Google gives you the result is ” some companies tell you he comes from the United States, then there are many associates and partners in China, some companies will tell you, I am a Chinese injection molding company, we can do everything that you want to, he can provide.

As a Chinese mold owner with a conscience. I can definitely tell you that you find only a trading company, a trader, or a Liberal profession. Never blame Google. Google only gives you information, but he doesn’t have the ability to tell you the truth. These false deals are to make a difference between you and the Chinese injection molding company. In order to maximize profits, they will desperately lower domestic production factory prices. They will find some China small mold factory, with simple equipment and rough processing mode to lower the price. The accuracy and quality of your products are not guaranteed, perhaps you will tell me I really visit the factory. It’s a big company, the equipment, and the staff is very good, I check the injection mold quality there by myself.




I have to tell you, how do you know the whole mold and injection molding processing is done in this factory? Do you believe you can get $10 for a $1 product?


The real mold manufacturing plant


As an export mold and injection molded parts with 20 years of history, the real mold manufacturing plant, I would like to share a little experience with you.

1.Don’t believe that a Chinese injection mold company will have representative offices abroad.

2.No Chinese company will have an Associates with a foreign company. It’s just another customer form.

3.Each company is specialized in some types of injection molds and plastic molding products. Which will be nothing, this is not professional.

4.These fake companies are Internet marketing experts. You can easily find them on the GOOGLE home page.

5.The cheapest is not necessarily the real producer. There are many small factories for 1-5 people in China. Their prices are so cheap that you can’t imagine them. Of course, their quality is also cheap to your imagination.

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