You have to have a mold testing sample


Someone will tell you that a good mold doesn’t need to be tested, and that would cost you extra money, but we’ve been doing this for years. Testing is usually necessary, it will help you to find a lot of questions, we only from the technical point of view of the need to do an injection mold testing.

  1.  Real injection mold test products are completely different from prototype making, hardness, shrinkage, flatness are different.
  2.  The product assembly after the mold test allows you to understand the product design and assembly of the real problem.
  3.  I Will let you know whether the gate and ejector design are reasonable.
  4.  I Will let you know whether the design of the cooling system is reasonable.
  5. You can know the exhaust condition, slider, oblique roof, gas ejector, spring ejection, and other parts of the operation. Like a car, taking to the streets without a performance test is dangerous.  Every new mold for an accident, the same as a new car on the road.

Injection mold testing instruction and each step