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  • Texture Customized Injection Mold

    With the continuous improvement of the outside surface treatment technology of plastic products. In China, Customized injection mold - a large number of texture technology is applied to high-grade products such as automobiles, household appliances.[…]

  • Widely used injection mold steels

    In Europe and America have created a wide range of plastic mold steel series, including carbon steel, Carburizing plastic mold steel,aging hardening plastic mold steel, corrosion resistant plastic mold steel, free processing plastic mold steel.[…]

  • China Mould Exhibition

    Mould Tooling exhibition in China Molds are the mother of industry. Most products are produced by molds now. Only by using moldswe can achieve mass production, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Modern has been a high-speed industrialized world[…]

  • China Injection Mould Making Companies Development Inevitable Trends

    The future development trend of Injection mould At present, the plastic mold in the mold industry accounted for about 30% of the proportion of the import and export of mold in the proportion of up to 50 to 70%. In recent years, China's rapid dev[…]

  • Select your plastic injection molding supplier have 6 reasons

    There are 6 reasons can be proved from the efficiency,quality and cost points,Customer's manufacturing of plastic injection molding parts is a challenge[…]

  • Case analysis of transparent plastic products in medical application

    Case analysisof transparent plastic products in medical application As the plastic has a light weight, good toughness, easy molding. Low cost, so in modern and daily products, more and more use of plastic instead of glass, especially for […]

  • Precision injection molding characteristics

    Precision injection molding characteristics Precision injection molding is generallyrefers to the precision of forming parts and surface quality are demanding hightechnology, some people think that precision injection is the size of pla[…]

  • Injection mold cooling experience

    China plastic injection molding and injection mold company share cooling design experience to you[…]

  • stamping china

    China stamping - stamping dies and molds Companies offer customer production of a large number of parts with complex geometries[…]

  • china injection molding

    China Mould,Plastic Injection Molding,Mold Making - Supplier,Manufacturer,Factory,Company - Cnmoulding                […]

What Cnmoulding offer?

Injectio Mold making

We assist you in your custom mold making endeavors ,we can build difference kind of  plastic injection molds project from start to finish and ship most projects in 25 days or less.
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Injection molding

We offer the high quality and low cost plastic injection molding services for all of the world. From 25 to 1500 ton. part size length under 1.4m, width under 1.2m,height under 1m.
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