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  • About Injection Mold Temperature

    Injection mold temperature is the most important variable in injection molding. No matter what kind of plastic is injected, the basic wetting of the mold surface must be guaranteed .[…]

  • A Comparative Analysis between China and Us Injection Mold Industry

    With the development and technical level of injection molds in China, more and more American clients are choosing to cooperate with Chinese injection molding manufacturers.[…]

  • china mould

    Mould making and injection molding part in China is generally much more affordable then in the West but of course the whole process has to be carefully monitored to avoid disappointments. […]

  • plastic molding company

    About us - Plastic Injection Mold MakingCompany in China We are a good reputation company in plasticinjection mold manufacturing and injection molding industries in ShanghaiChina, found in 1997.CNMOULDING offer plastic injection moldi[…]

  • injection molding chinese

    Plastic injection molding china company […]

  • Plastic Mold Making

    Plastic Injection Mold Making Process .In China, a long-standing tradition of export mold manufacturers, we share here the basic injection mold makingoverview.[…]

What Cnmoulding offer?

Injectio Mold making

We assist you in your custom mold making endeavors ,we can build difference kind of  plastic injection molds project from start to finish and ship most projects in 25 days or less.
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Injection molding

We offer the high quality and low cost plastic injection molding services for all of the world. From 25 to 1500 ton. part size length under 1.4m, width under 1.2m,height under 1m.
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