ShangHai Cn-moulding (China) Co., Ltd.

Trustable Plastic Injection Molding Company China

What Cnmoulding offer?

Injection Mold making

We assist you in your custom mold making endeavors ,we can build difference kind of  plastic injection molds project from start to finish and ship most projects in 25 days or less
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Injection molding

We offer the high quality and low cost plastic injection molding services for all of the world. From 25 to 1500 ton. part size length under 1.4m, width under 1.2m,height under 1m.
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Tour of Cn-moulding

Cn-moulding (China) Co., Ltd. Mold-making factory specializing in plastic injection molding and various moulds manufacturing, exporting to worldwide with Europe and USA standard.

We have become our manufacturing is the Menzies, the most effective injection molding industry in China. Through our advanced mold making team and unique process model, we can the most complex part to the most simple , manufacture than any other practical, and cheap.
If you have failed in any other place or need to find the most perfect supplier, please contact us immediately.

When you choose us as your partner:

  • A valuable quote is delivered within a few hours, and is interactive with the customer.
  • Sample submission of new tooling can be delivered within a few days, rather than a few weeks, and there is no modification!
  • 3D mold design and optimization of cooling water and gate arrangement allows you to design any possible
  • Good professional training of sales engineers will listen to your needs, the need to fully grasp
  • Any of our custom made parts and molds are made here, and their quality is guaranteed.
  • Do not need to have any mold production and injection molding production experience, you get the product and you are designed to be exactly the same.

Why Choose Us?

What our customers say...

  1. "CNMOULDING is most high quality plastic injection mould maker since 2002 we buy moulds from china,you make good job that we expect" ------JAC Gofers ,Promolding B.V(5/2007)
  2. "I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with kenny of the CNMOULDING  company. You are first-rate examples make a company high -class and excellent customer service ,it is already exceed client needs. - Roger van der Linde, (11/2005)
  3. As China's professional mold and injection molding company, we continue to improve our technology and the accumulation of experience, in the construction of mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembly, through the continuous innovation of modern management system, continuous progress become the industry in China the best production enterprises.